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Greenwich Helping Israel

more that we can do for Israel


Dearest Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Beloved Am Yisroel,

By the Grace of G-d, we will get through this - together! 

We will get through this, thanks to our love for each other, our fellow Jews, and especially our love for our brothers and sisters in the line of fire and in captivity, for whom our heart-wrenching concern knows no bounds, and for whose losses our heartbreak and tears have no end... The overwhelming response by so many in our community to contribute time, funds, effort, items, etc. to the cause of defending and protecting our People, is the exact same scene that is playing out at this very moment in thousands of Jewish locales around the globe.

Let's keep at it!

(These email updates are being posted on this blog to allow you to access earlier updates.)

In this email:

- New Action Items

- Important Update

- Events


New Action Items:


  • Give the Israeli people what they need:

    Chabad of Israel had launched a war room to coordinate all efforts across Israel. Currently, over 10,000 Chabad rabbis, rebbetzins, and volunteers are spending nights and days, doing all they can for their fellow citizens. I'm in direct contact with my colleagues there; there are no words to describe what everyone in Israel is going through. 
    Key priorities include:
    • Bereaved Families: With so many victims, families often feel alone. Every family is visited by Chabad personnel, to be there for them in their darkest moments.
    • Families of Hostages: In towns and cities across Israel, Chabad representatives provide support, food, and whatever families of hostages and missing persons may need.
    • The Injured: In every hospital, dedicated Chabad Houses provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of those injured. This will continue through the long road to recovery.
    • The IDF: Chabad teams visit IDF bases on the frontlines and in the heartland, bringing hot meals, hygiene products, mitzvah opportunities, and cheer to support our brave troops.
    • The South: In Sderot, Ofakim, Ashkelon, and other towns in Israel’s south which have been hard bit by the infiltrators and continued missile barrages, Chabad teams are reaching out to residents, dispensing welfare checks, mental counseling, material and spiritual support for all, especially the homebound.

      Make this all happen:

      If you would like to contribute specific items, go to this Chabad Greenwich Team Page and click on THE ACTUAL ITEMS: 

      Our goal is to raise $60,000 for the following:
    • truckloads of food @ $20,000 ea. x2 = $40,000
    • armored vests @ $690 ea. x20 = $13,800
    • beds (in hotels) for families of victims in the hospitals @ 140 ea. x36 = $5,040
    • toy sets @ $80 ea. x100 = $8,000
    • flashlights @ $20 ea. x115 = $2,300

      Every penny of every dollar you give goes directly to funding the efforts on the ground.
  • Join the global campaign underway to encourage women to light Shabbat candles this week in solidarity with Israel, using the hashtag #LightForIsrael.
  • Provide Shabbat Kits for Displaced Families:

    This is a message we received from Israel via Greenwich's Dr. Joe Feuerstein:
    Dearest friends - we have just been asked to find sponsorship for Shabbat Away Travel Sets for the vast number of families evacuated from the south for this coming Shabbat.  We have already had 60 sets sponsored and at this time are looking for sponsorship for a further 40 sets (also likely to be more).  Each set is reduced to from $45 to $25 plus tax - $30 per set.  Please help us to support as many families as we can during the very worst of times and give them a Shabbat Shalom with gratitude and regards from Jerusalem - The Shabbat Collection.
    Sponsor a Set $30 - 
    PayPal (Family/Friends) or Zelle: [email protected]
    Venmo: @Maruja
    Please note in your payment: Shabbat Kits

  • Don't Forget Your Spiritual Contribution!




Important Updates:


  • Drones:
    The Chabad Greenwich community is funding the drones that were requested for the IDF unit, whose officers reached out to us. To expedite the process of getting the drones to the front, we've made contact with a charity in Israel that is sourcing the exact type of drones needed and delivering them directly. Thank you to all who have contributed. We've already surpassed our original goal (12 drones - 18k), but the need has grown throughout the IDF, so if you would like to contribute directly to the drones, you can continue to do so:
    PayPal (Family/Friends) or Zelle: [email protected]
    Venmo: @Maruja
    Please note in your payment: Drones
  • Drop-off Items and Shipments to Israel:
    Thank you to all who contributed the vast amount of items that were requested, and thank you to the volunteers who drove them to the locations near JFK for loading onto the EL AL. The coordinators there informed us that our delivery was part of the largest private shipment to Israel.
    At this time, efforts are focused on funding directly to the ground operations in Israel (as above).




  • Solidarity with Israel at Greenwich Town Hall
    First Selectman Fred Camillo has announced the Town of Greenwich will host a Stand With Israel unity rally on Friday, Oct. 13, at 11:30 a.m. outside of Town Hall.

    The event is being put together in partnership between the Town, UJA JCC Greenwich, and AJC Westchester/Fairfield. It will feature local religious and Town leaders coming together with the public to show unwavering support for the nation of Israel following the terrorist attacks of last weekend. More info:


  • JFS of Greenwich Zoom Program: Talking to Your Children About Israel

    In collaboration with Schoke JFS, we will host an event for parents to have a space to process and discuss the events unfolding in Israel. We welcome parents from all Greenwich congregations to join together for a group viewing at Greenwich Reform Synagogue on October 15, 2023, at 9:30am. Dr. Betsy Stone, Ph.D will present on ways to speak to your children about what is happening in Israel. Following the presentation, we will have licensed clinicians in-person to lead discussion and support for parents.

    Zoom Link:
    Meeting ID: 850 5771 1233
    One tap mobile +16465588656,,85057711233# US (New York)

  • Let's Unite This Shabbat for Israel!

    Friday, October 13, 2023, at Chabad, 38 Field Point Road
    • Men: Get "Armed" and Don Tefillin
    • Women: Light up a Dark World With our Shabbat Candle
    • Children: Sing and Pray Together for World Peace

      Program: 4:45 - 5:45 PM

       *Uplifting Prayers for Israel Led by Cantor*

      Every family will be given a special Shabbat Kit - candles, grape juice, challah - to take home in time for your own Shabbat Dinner: Candle Lighting Time in Greenwich this week is 5:59 PM.

      Any family or individual that would like to go "all the way" this week in honor of Israel with a fully observant Shabbat, will be provided with full accomodations and beautifully hosted Shabbat meals.



With prayers to G-d for our People and our Land,
Rabbi Yossi and Maryashie Deren


Solidarity Rally TONIGHT + local action you can take


Friends! Brothers and Sisters! Am Yisrael!

Here is what you can do immediately to help the Jewish People prevail over our enemies who seek our destruction, may G-d protect us!


  • Join in prayer and solidarity at a Community Gathering TONIGHT:
    Tuesday, October 10th, 6:00 p.m.
    Temple Beth El, 350 Roxbury Road in Stamford

    Coordinated by our local UJA*JCC Greenwich and UJF Stamford
    In partnership with ADL CT, AJC Westchester/Fairfield, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy, Chabad of Greenwich, Chabad of Harbor Point, Chabad New Canaan, Chabad Stamford, Congregation Agudath Sholom, Congregation Shir Ami, FIDF, JFS Greenwich, Greenwich Reform Synagogue, Hebrew Wizards, Israel Cancer Research, JCC Stamford, Schoke JFS, Temple Beth El, Temple Sholom, Temple Sinai, Young Israel of Stamford. (list in formation)
    - Please bring signs in support of Israel
    - Absolutely no backpacks or large bags
    - Please carpool

    Donate to the UJA*JCC Israel Emergency Fund

  • Sponsor a Drone:

    We received a message from a frontline IDF soldier, via his wife (who grew up in the Greenwich Chabad community), requesting TWELVE drones. I am on the way to the electronic supply depot, and from there to the drop-off location near JFK for loading onto tonight's ELAL flight.

    7 out of the 12 drones ($1500 each) are already sponsored.

    Contribute whatever you can (and please note: "Drones") - 
    [email protected] - Please use "Friends and Family"
    Venmo: @Maruja  
  • Purchase and Drop-off Supplies and Equipment:

    Separately, we've received a request from the frontlines for the following, which you can purchase on your own, and drop off at 75 Mason:

    Equipment needed:
    1000 Camelbaks (water bags)
    600 Headlamps
    500 Power Banks
    2,000 AA & AAA Batteries
    250 Sleeping Bag
    15 G-shock watches
    100 Rudy-project sunglasses
    50 bottles of SPF sunblock


The updates from Israel are deeply distressing.

Currently, we are looking at over 900 people murdered, thousands injured, and over 100 individuals abducted by terrorists.

While some draw parallels to the Yom Kippur War, the more I think about it, the more the scenes remind me of the Holocaust. Entire families have been massacred, and young children paraded on the streets of Gaza. The news reports are heart-wrenching.

In the coming days, our heroic IDF soldiers might go into Gaza to save the abducted and combat the terrorists.

A question weighs heavily on my mind, as I'm sure it does on yours: in addition to the above items, what MORE can we do to help?

Here are a few suggestions I believe you'll find meaningful:

Firstly, always remember we are all connected! The Jewish people are often compared to a single body; when one part becomes healthier, the entire body benefits. By performing a Mitzvah, we uplift our brethren in Israel.


Defy and deter the enemy by standing up proudly as a Jew - wherever you are!

I urge you to adopt a regular Mitzvah in honor of the Israeli people. For men, if you haven't yet, perhaps start donning Tefillin regularly—even if it's just weekly. For women, consider lighting the Shabbat and holiday candles. For all, maybe dedicate 10 minutes daily for Torah study or put a coin in the Tzedakah box every day, except on Shabbat and holidays.

If you are not sure which Mitzvah to choose, please reach out via email, and I will be happy to help.

Know that every Mitzvah strengthens our spiritual connection, bringing protection to our brothers and sisters in Israel. So, please choose a Mitzvah soon!

Secondly, if you have contacts in Israel—and I believe most of us do—drop them a line. A call or an email expressing your care, mentioning the Mitzvah you're taking up for them, can be uplifting.

Lastly, consider making a financial contribution. Many commendable organizations deserve your support.

You can also contribute through
. Your donation will aid Chabad in Israel's operations room, which coordinates efforts across many existing Chabad organizations, including:

- Chabad for Terror Victims: Supporting the victims' families and those with loved ones in Gaza.

- "Lev Chabad" (Chabad in the Medical Centers): Being with the injured and their families across various Israeli hospitals.

- Chabad Houses in South Israel: Offering support in regions like Ashkelon, Sderot, and Ofakim, where many have suffered from these ruthless attacks.

- Chabad for the IDF: Extending both moral and tangible support as the IDF braces itself for the next phase.

Friends, let's pray to G-d from the bottom of our hearts:

Please, G-d, bring back all hostages to their families.

Please G-d, send healing to all those who are injured.

Please G-d, send comfort to the families who have lost their loved ones.

Please G-d, be with the brave IDF soldiers, and deliver success and total victory to their hands as they battle this evil.

Please G-d, be with Israel's leadership, so that they make the right decisions for the safety and security of Israel.

Please G-d, enough with this golus (exile), enough with a world that suffers from such atrocities, please bring Moshiach already and make our world whole again.

Rabbi Yossi and Maryashie Deren


help supply essential life-saving equipment - pikuach nefesh!


Dear Greenwich Jewish Community,

Please act now for our People's safety and contribute urgently-needed equipment.

Spiritual Equipment:  

Physical Equipment:

Please join us now in supporting United Hatzalah and letting Israelis know that their family in Greenwich stands firmly by their side. United Hatzalah’s ambulances and 7,000 volunteers provide critical care to Israel’s servicemen and women and civilians every day, and supplies are running perilously low. We will double the impact of your support; a United Hatzalah board member who is a Greenwich resident has generously offered to match all Greenwich donations. Please click on the following link to donate:  For those who wish to donate through Fidelity Charitable, please do so and reference the Greenwich Jewish community in your donation note; then, email [email protected] that you donated through Fidelity, and your donation will show up on the Greenwich page.

In the wake of Hamas’ evil, premeditated, and unprovoked attack on Israel, United Hatzalah immediately took action.  As of Sunday morning, United Hatzalah medics have treated over 1,000 soldiers, adults, and children, often under brutal conditions. Tragically, medics are treating babies found lying next to their slain parents. 

In this state of emergency, unlike anything Israel has experienced since the Yom Kippur War, Israel needs our urgent support. United Hatzalah is launching an emergency appeal to raise funds for desperately needed supplies, which will provide volunteers with the equipment they need to save lives and the protective equipment to keep themselves safe. The goal of the campaign is to raise $20 million to replenish supplies and equip an additional 1,000 United Hatzalah volunteers with protective vests and helmets, oxygen tanks, defibrillators, trauma bandages, and tourniquets.  United Hatzalah’s existing inventory of medical supplies and equipment that was supposed to be sufficient for the next year is now completely depleted, and there is an immediate need to order more. These supplies can be ordered and delivered over the course of the next week to ensure that United Hatzalah volunteers have everything they need to respond to the ongoing attacks. United Hatzalah medics are on the front line and in need of support and reinforcements as they respond to lifesaving calls. 

In Israel’s greatest hour of need in 50 years, the Greenwich community stands squarely with our brothers and sisters in Israel.  We ask that everyone contribute what he or she is comfortable to support United Hatzalah’s immediate and essential needs.

Here is a 1 minute clip from last night highlighting United Hatzalah’s essential work:

Should anyone have questions or need assistance, please reach out to Ari Lefkovits ([email protected]) or Keith Rosenbloom ([email protected]).  And, again, the donation link is

Thank you for your support at this time of emergency in Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Rabbi Yossi and Maryashie Deren

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