Grade Synagogue Prayers Hebrew Reading:
Aleph Champ Program
Jewish Life and History The Jewish Calendar
Kindergarten Singing Prayers

Aleph Bet Bayit: Recognition of names & sounds of the Aleph Bet and Hebrew words with those letters
Mitzvot I Can Do: Learning about the Mitzvot through our hands, feet and eyes Stories & Symbolisms: The What and Why of the Jewish Holidays
First Shabbat Synagogue Prayers

CapIt!: Concept and Personality Integration
People and Personalities of the Bible: The Book of Genesis
Stories & Symbolisms: The What and Why of the Jewish Holidays.
Second Shabbat Home Prayers

Orange: Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations

Yellow: Master the fist 6 vowels with letter combination.

My Jewish Home: A journey through the Mitzvot that we do in our Jewish Home Customs & Traditional Rituals
Third Meaning of Synagogue Prayers
Level Appropriate:

Green: 9 vowels with letter combinations

Blue: all vowels

Purple: familiar Prayers

Brown: Important Prayers 

Grey: Timed reading from a Siddur.

Black: reading over 50 words a minute.

Jewish Heroes: Learning the life and history of Jewish Heroes of our past Historical Context of Jewish Holidays.
Fourth How the Holiday speaks to me
Fifth Students receive and study their own personal Prayer Book iTorah: Studying the mysticism and meaning behind our Faith

Jewish History
Mastering the Holiday Liturgy (Machzor, Megilla, Haggadah)
Synagogue Dynamics – understand the elements of the Synagogue: The Bima, Chazzan, Aliyah etc. Ethics of our Fathers: Jewish ethics in action

Jewish History
Holidays in the Talmud