The Rohr JLI

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    4 Tuesdays,

    Beginning May 2
    10:00-11:00 A.M.

    or 7:30-8:30 P.M.

    Instructor: Rabbi Feldman

    This course is being offered for both online and in-person attendees


    Chabad of Greenwich

    38 Field Point Road 


    Course Overview

    Jewpernatural: Signs, spirits and superstition in Jewish belief

    As we understand the natural world better, we have only grown more fascinated by mysterious topics like the meaning of dreams; the existence of angels, demons, and extraterrestrials; and the power of the evil eye. With record interest inspiring curiosity, dread, and mockery, this course probes the Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and kabbalah to provide Jewish perspectives and guidance for those curious about these perennial questions.

    Lesson Outline

    - 01
    Dreams & Direction

    We all dream as we slumber, but do the scenes of our dreams impart messages with lasting significance? And can we control our own dreams, perhaps to reduce nightmares and the like?

    - 02
    Stars & Signs

    Since the dawn of time, the endless sea of twinkling planetary configurations has been read to shed the secrets of individual Homo sapiens, or to eavesdrop on the celestial pulling of puppet strings attached to our lives. Do the stars in fact influence our natures or provide information regarding our unknown futures?

    - 03
    Jinx & The Evil Eye

    Cultures across the map and down the eras have maintained a belief in the negative powers of an "evil eye" and curses, and produced diverse methods of protection from it. What does Judaism have to say? Is there an evil eye, and what might be its effect? Can people harm others by cursing them?

    - 04
    Para & Normal

    Is there other intelligent life out there in the universe? Does Judaism believe in angels and demons? Can we communicate with the souls of our deceased loved ones?

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