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Why All The Prayer?

Howard and I were having lunch at the Kiddush one Shabbat afternoon. Howard was new in town, he had just migrated from overseas, and he has not been to a synagogue on Shabbat in many years.

Howard then asked me the question I new he would ask; the question that so many people ask the first time they take a careful look at the prayer book: "why are we spending so much time praising and thanking G-d? Is his self esteem so low that he'll have a bad weekend if we don't spend all Shabbat Morning praising him?"

I tried to answer to the best of my ability, but it did not seem to satisfy him. Well, what can I do other then continue eating my bagel.

Then we started talking about his children adjusting to life in the U.S.; he tells me: "Menachem, the problem with the U.S. is that the children here are so privileged yet they take it for granted and they don't appreciate it. Therefore all their blessings do not create happier children.

I said: "my friend, this may just be the reason why we pray and thank G-d so much. Look around this society, how many people take the time to appreciate their life, their health, their children and the blessing in their life. If we ant to appreciate life and enjoy it to it's fullest we must acknowledge the awesome blessing that is life itself. The more we thankful for the miracles that G-d performs for us every day, the more we will reap the fruit of the blessing". 

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