How can I become a better person, a better parent, a better spouse during these challenging times?

Join a Kabbalah seminar that will provide both clinical and spiritual perspectives on pain, loneliness, the search for happiness, emotional emptiness, sadness and depression. 

This unique seminar will be facilitated by Dr. John Tamerin, a distinguished psychiatrist, Clinical Associate Professor at the Weill/Cornell School of Medicine, a former member of the faculty at Yad Vashem and a clinician with 50 years of practice, along with Rabbi Menachem Feldman, whose skills as an educator have been recognized not only in our community but nationally.


8 Mondays, beginning October 19, 2020

12:00 - 1:30 pm

Online via Zoom

Cost: $400 (all proceeds will go toward supporting the vital work of Chabad of Greenwich).


* Space is limited; please reserve your spot by emailing Rabbi Feldman at or Dr. Tamerin at

Testimonials from past participants:


- I’m so fortunate to have learned and studied with both of you. Being able to hear the Rabbi's lesson and then have Dr. T guide our discussions with questions and response times couldn't have been a better combination in bringing all participants together to share our vulnerabilities, spirituality and life experiences. It was a rare forum and I'm so grateful to have been invited. I learned a lot about myself these past several weeks and in better understanding me, my place in life, and G‑d’s will, I've gained precious tools to continue my growth and journey. Thank you.

- My 2nd time around with Kabbalah has really been life changing. I realized to press the pause button and not react right away. To be honest with myself. I learned to ask more questions.

- Rabbi Feldman and Dr. T were incredible copilots and took us on a riveting, eye opening, life changing ride. If I could use one word to describe the experience, it would be: TRANSFORMATIONAL. In every area of my life, my perspective and emotional intelligence has broadened. Every lesson was relevant and applicable as evident in my new perspective and enthusiasm day to day. One of the biggest blessings is knowing relationships in my life will never be the same. They will be more deep, meaningful, loving, mutually respectful, and kind.