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Why do Mezuzahs need to be checked?
Mezuzhas need to be checked because the letters written on the parchment can crack or smudge to cold and heat.

What if I have a Mezuzah and I’m not sure if the scroll is valid?
The scroll should be checked.

What makes a Mezuzah scroll “valid" or “invalid" in Judaism?
There are many details to the laws of a Mezuzah. Every single letter in the Mezuzah must be properly formed. A single crack in the parchment or any omission can invalidate the entire scroll. A printed Mezuzah is invalid. For this reason it is vital that it be purchased from a reputable scribe or retailer.

What if I’m NOT new to Greenwich? Am I still eligible for this complimentary service?


Why does Mezuzah scroll need to be kosher- doesn’t that have to do with dietary?
In the context of Mezuzah, kosher means that the Mezuzah is “proper”, meaning consistent with Jewish law.

Which rooms require a Mezuzah?
It is best to place a Mezuzah on just about every doorway that belongs to you. Notable exceptions are doors leading to bathrooms and small closets.
Of course, it is better to have one Mezuzah on the front door than no Mezuzahs, and if you only have one Mezuzah, it should be placed on the home's main entrance

What if I am renting a house or apartment? Do I need to obtain permission from my landlord?
No. We have never heard of any objections to a Mezuzah.

What if I already have a case for Mezuzah and I only need a scroll?
We can provide a scroll that will fit your case (provided the case is at least 2 ½ inches.)

Do you suggest that our entire family all participate in this blessing?

What if there were Mezuzahs on the doors when we purchased our home? Are they valid?
The Scrolls should be checked to ensure they are kosher.

Why do we kiss the Mezuzah?
When passing through a doorway where a Mezuzah has been affixed, we glance at it and touch it. Some people then kiss their fingertips. This serves as a reminder throughout the day that G‑d is always with us, inside or outside our homes.

What if my spouse isn’t Jewish?
You can, and should, place a Mezuzah in your home!

Am I permitted to remove a Mezuzah if I am moving?
When moving to another house or apartment and the next tenant is Jewish, and will respect the sanctity of the Mezuzah, the Mezuzahs should not be removed, unless there is concern that if the Mezuzahs are left behind they would be discarded or defaced.

What if I own a Mezuzah that was given as a gift or family heirloom?
You can take them it with you when you move, provided you replace it with another Mezuzah if the next tenant is Jewish.

Do I need to provide special tools or double sided/velcro tape?
No. We will provide the tools and/or tape.  

How long will installation and blessing take?
The entire ceremony will take just a few minutes.

What if I am not religious or do not attend synagogue?
The beauty of Judaism is that it should be celebrated in the home. The Mezuzah is a perfect way to bring spirituality and holiness to your home!

Besides the front door of my home, what are the next most important areas for Mezuzahs in my home?
Best to place in the Mezuzah in the rooms that are used most, such as bedrooms and kitchen.

What if I would like to purchase extra Mezuzahs for other rooms in my home?
Please click here to email the rabbi to order additional Mezuzahs.

Why will a Mezuzah protect my home and family?
Our sages teach that a Mezuzah has the unique property of protecting the inhabitants of the home where it is hung—whether the inhabitants are inside or outside that home. The Mezuzah can be compared to a “helmet,” a veneer that protects us against the dangers that surround us in our lives.
G‑d promises that anyone who carefully observes the mitzvah of Mezuzah will lead a longer, richer life, as will their descendants, as the Torah states, “So that you will prolong your days and the days of your children

Why is this mitzvah so important - especially right now?
Especially in these turbulent times,  we can all benefit from an infusion of security and peace of mind that the Mezuzah provides. The Mezuzah will bring an additional degree of peace and serenity into your home.