Menachem Av 20, 5778
August 1, 2018

Dear Friend!

We're honored to give you a warm welcome to the exciting Jewish New Year of 5779 at Chabad!

Everyone in the “Chabad Family” looks forward to seeing you at our ever-growing High Holiday Services -  a wonderful celebration of Community, Tradition and “Judaism Done Joyfully”. You're invited to join any of our highly popular programs that fit the needs and preferences of your family:

  • Main Sanctuary Service -  led by the Shira Choir, with English/Hebrew Prayer Books, lively singing and meaningful explanations by Rabbi Deren.

  • Teen Program - led by Rabbi Bentzi Shemtov, where our teenagers discuss the relevant applications of the holidays to their lives.

  • Family Program - led by Rabbi Feldman and Maryashie Deren, where parents sit together with their children (ages 5-12) and experience the holiday through song and story.

  • Youth Program - for children ages 2-4, led by Morah Chani Feldman, filled with songs, games and healthy holiday treats. Parents welcome.

The enthusiastic participation of every man, woman and child, and the friendly interactions we all have with each other, is what makes the Chabad Synagogue such a warm, unique, spiritual home for all of us.

Thank you for doing your part. Like every organization on the planet, we exist because of our membership. Only through your support will the High Holidays continue to be the special time that it is for every Jewish community.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Shana Tova!


Rabbi Yossi and Maryashie Deren


P.S. A number of individuals - of all ages - have already signed up to our Planned Giving Program. Feel free to contact us if this interests you.