An Invitation to Membership in Changing the World

II Rosh Chodesh Elul 5779

September 1, 2019


Dear Friend, 


Susan does not have to worry whether her autistic child can join the family when they attend High Holiday Services, or whether - as always - she’ll have to leave him at home. Again. Alone. She’s extremely excited and grateful for the special Friendship Circle program at Chabad’s High Holiday celebrations. … Jonathan (age 24, Lower Manhattan) and Hannah (age 22, Midtown) - both from Greenwich - will each be spending their High Holidays in New York City, in their respective neighborhoods, replicating the inspiring spiritual experience that they always enjoyed at Chabad of Greenwich in their formative years, so that dozens of young professionals can appreciate the pride and beauty of being Jewish.

Why are Susan, Jonathan and Hannah able to do these things? Because of you.

When you join Chabad, you become much more than a Synagogue member. You’ll become a member of that special group of those who make the sun shine brighter in the lives of so many people.

Please join us today.

There will never be tickets necessary to pray at Chabad of Greenwich. But there will always be hands to hold, shoulders to cry on, laughs to share, ideas to explore, families to love. The High Holidays at Chabad are not a time for dues collection - the High Holidays are when we kick off a year of incredible community building, where we shape the world into the place we imagine it to be. It is an inspiring time. Come to our Synagogue - enjoy the choir, browse our English prayerbooks, take in the words of the Rabbis and Rebbetzins, enjoy the social scene and delicious Kiddush. And bring your kids!  

We look forward to seeing you. May G‑d bless you and your loved ones with a Shana Tova!

Rabbi Yossi and Maryashie Deren Rabbi Menachem and Chani Feldman


P.S. A number of individuals - of all ages - have already signed up to our Planned Giving Program . Feel free to contact us if this interests you.  

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